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form 3D surface model of a laser-receptor-vest.
form2 Car seats
form Model of a spray gun

3D Surface modelling
The work at the computer starts with us not only with the surface modeling of a product to. We develop products at the design stage with the latest digital media. Initial conceptual and formal ideas we sketch by hand directly on the computer using graphics tablet. The technical features of a product is our sketches from the beginning as a reference basis. This allows us to work directly on the package and can promote the product already in this early phase of development with maximum efficiency. The transition to 3D Surface modeling is fluid. 2D images are now next to the technical package important clues in establishing the 3D model. Powerful CAD tools allow the product to the excellent Aufmodellieren visualize in real time and to determine at any time. There where some others have to be ready with the 3D model that captures for us the real design work starting. There are infinitely many ways a product to form. Our goal is to achieve the best possible result, however, taking into account all circumstances.

The range of services
Our CAID software tools

Visualization and Animation
As a support for decision making, digital visualizations will be created. They also convey a photorealistic impression of the not yet existing product and its use context in an early stage of the product develoment process. Digital visualizations are also perfectly suitable as brochure photos. To convey more complex scenarios of the application or function to understand, are a time saving and cost effective digital animation help. Thus, sequences in this medium and kinematic motion, Einstellsituationen or visual impressions from different perspectives can be simulated realistically. For large-format product complexes can also check user scenarios and presentation techniques from the direct view of the operator.